Custom Minifig Heads and Brother HL2270DW Transfer Paper


One of the things I like about Lego and TTRPG is the DIY spirit of the hobbies. And, I was very inspired by this video by Crafsman about making custom Lego heads using a laser printer and transfer paper:

Unfortunately, I really struggled to get good results with my Brother HL2270DW printer until I busted out the manual and started to play with the advanced printer settings. The problems I was encountering were ghosting and tearing of the toner (see this photo). After many many trials and errors I got a great result with these settings:

Here is a screenshot of the settings page


Here is the first head that came out well:

To help holding the head while applying the acrylic gloss gel and transfer paper I made a little rig to hold the head:

Future Work

We spent a bit of time and designed some custom ideas that we want to try next: a cyclops (tan head), bear (brown head), and scary ghost (white head).