Mead of Poetry - Lego Creator 3-in-1 Birdhouse Alt Build


My interest in Norse Mythology was recently rekindled by Neil Gaiman’s extremely approachable (and funny!) book titled “Norse Mythology” (Bookshop, Amazon). And when considering an alternative build of Lego’s Creator 3-in-1 31143 Bird House my mind was drawn to the mythical monsters from those Norse myths.

I spent a few hours just playing with the parts in and familiarizing myself with the inventory. There are quite a number of interesting parts but I found myself wishing there was a bit more variety in the types of clip pieces for the scenes I was making.

After playing with the parts I finally got inspired by the birds and bees theme of the kit and built three scenes from the “Mead of Poetry” story. If you aren’t familiar with the story I recommend you checkout the book above but there is a less entertaining overview on Wikipedia.

The dwarve Galar in front of the vat Bodn where the mead of poetry is held. He is holding a cup of mead and a weapon recently used, tragically, on Kvasir.

Suttungr, the giant, leaves the dwarves, Fjalar and Galar, on a reef at high tide to drown as punishment for the death of his father. They eventually cut a deal: their lives for the mead of poetry.

Odin transforms into a serpent and escapes from Suttungr into the mountain where the mead of poetry is being held under the guard of Suttungr's daughter Gunnlöd.

All three Mead of Poetry scenes rendered together.