Owlbear’s Cave 11033 Alt Build


Previously I built an Owlbear as a full custom MOC. This time I tried to build a similar character and a whole scene using just parts from the new Classic Creative Fantasy Universe (Lego.com). It was quite a challenge but I got inspired by the possibilities of the 90 degree angle of the 10197 part to recreate the lightweight eye setup of my previous MOC.

I will be the first to admit that this Owlbear doesn’t look as good as my other MOC. But! I think it looks great given the constraint of the Classic line of sets.

Included in this MOC are also two Tree-like “Ent” creatures and a cave with a hidden door play feature. I made up a story for the whole scene:

Owlbears and Ents have always been allies. At their most vulnerable, when they have laid a clutch of eggs, a mother Owlbear has called upon the Ents to protect her clutch. The Ent Queen provided not only protection but a hidden incubation cave under a rock cliff to keep the eggs safe.

The Ent characters are silly but easily recognizable as tree creatures.

The entire scene with the two Ents and the Owlbear mother..

The hideaway door pulls off to enter the cave.